Casa Grande Main Street announced in early 2013 a new project to bring more public art to historic downtown.  At the time, it was only a pipe dream for arts and historic preservation advocate, Marge Jantz. Today, the completed project is a shining new example of the community spirit that made it a reality in our historic downtown. Click to see map and visit the Doors to the Past in person

Hover over each door to see finished door!

Horseshoe Motel by Patti Kramer

Sofia’s Mexican Cafe by Yvonne Johnson

Rebecca Dallis by Amanda Berglund

Quick Draw Tavern by Gloria Smith

La Siesta Motel by Linda Garrett & Betty Pate

John Wayne by Mark White

Branding Irons by Susan & John Rooney, Marge Jantz & Thom Poor

Reilly's Tavern by Van